Impact report: the new way to see the investment

Impact report by Etica Sgr: a novelty made in Etica Sgr. What is it?

Let’s start with a photograph of the world of savings: socially responsible finance is no longer a niche issue, today it is mainstream and   meets the sensitivity of an ever-wider audience .

This is because today’s investors are no longer just content with their returns but are expecting more from their investment. For example, know what their savings are and if their choices have a socio-environmental impact.

Responsibility and performance are therefore two interrelated factors for an ever increasing number of investors, also because the idea that investments chosen with a rigorous social, environmental and good governance method are able to produce good long-term performance are now accepted. a lower risk .

The impact of the investment

Why is it important today to be aware of your investment choices ? They are now known to all the risks that threaten the planet and the legal and reputational consequences that would result from insufficient attention to the problem, in addition to the consequent financial damage .

Not to mention that the social and governance aspects have the same importance as the environmental aspects in determining the impact of a company and its possible exposure to business risks / opportunities.

At Etica Sgr we are convinced that investing according to environmental, social and governance criteria and being able to measure the effects and achievements achieved with respect to the market represent an important integration of value . To respond to this need and to have maximum transparency towards our customers, the Impact Report was born (find out immediately ).


Etica Sgr publishes the first impact report

Etica Sgr has decided to be an active part in this action program, reinforcing the sustainability analysis .

Such as? Through the calculation of the impact of their equity investments, to grasp the link with the real economy. With this in mind, Etica Sgr has published the first Impact Report (find out now ), which measures the environmental, social and governance sustainability of the companies in which the Ethical Equity fund invests in relation to the market (as reference ETF iShares Msci ACWI , fund benchmark proxy).

The results

The Impact Report takes into consideration a set of indicators consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN agenda, bringing out excellent results.

The results of the Impact Report: the companies in which Etica Azionario invests have a positive impact higher than the reference market, which amounts to:

  • 43% more in the environmental field,
  • 28% in the social sphere,
  • 21% in terms of governance .

This is an important milestone, but at the same time an important starting point for strengthening the effectiveness of our company selection process.

Sustainable investments reduce the risk

Responsibility for investments is an opportunity . Just think about the reduction of waste and waste ,   the development of environmental quality management systems , the implementation of policies on equal opportunities .

All these issues have now become real competitive factors of investment and are increasingly integrated into risk management.

How much is the impact investment market worth?

The impact investment market is gaining more and more momentum globally. According to Eurosif, it is the fastest growing category in SRI strategies and worth € 98 billion in Europe, up by 385% compared to € 20 billion in 2013 [1] .

According to the Global Impact Investing Network , the 208 largest global institutions (Fund managers and Foundations) that contributed to the realization of the last survey in 2017, manage 114 billion of assets in impact investments [2] .

The United Nations: 17 Goals for sustainable development

Finance today plays a decisive role in promoting sustainable development, a crucial goal of the UN 2030 Agenda. The 2030 Agenda is an action program signed by the governments of 193 UN member states that sets 17 common goals for international development .


Investing responsibly would speed up sustainable development. This is demonstrated by the study ” Better business, better world ” of the Business and Sustainable Development Commission according to which setting sustainable development objectives at the center of global economic strategy would mean creating new business opportunities by 2030 for a value of 12 thousand billion dollars.