Sustainable Development, An Economic Model with 24 Million Jobs

Sustainable development, 24 million new jobs by 2030

Sustainable development is also worthwhile in purely economic terms: 24 million new jobs by 2030 . This is the estimate of the last report published by the International Labor Organization (ILO), entitled ” Greening with jobs. World employment social outlook 2018 “, in which the impact in terms of employment of the ecological transition is calculated to implement the Paris Climate Agreement.

In the budget of this transition, it is estimated that as many as 6 million jobs could disappear , all concentrated in sectors related to fossil fuels and mining .

The balance would therefore be active for 18 million jobs . To these could be added another 6 million by investing in a circular economy .

Sustainable development and … employment

Employers who lose fossil fuels , concentrated in some geographic areas, could be the main ones to lose jobs.

Sustainable development in Europe would lead to a positive job balance (around 12 million more jobs), the same in the Americas (3 million) and the Asia-Pacific area (14 million). In the Middle East and in Africa the values ​​would be negative for 300 thousand and 350 thousand. This is due to the massive presence of structures and companies engaged in the fossil fuels and mining sectors.

Employment by region in 2030 (percentage difference)

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Benefits for much of the world economy

At a global level “most sectors of the economy will benefit from net job creation “, the UN explains: out of the 163 economic sectors analyzed by the report, only 14 could be subject to job losses of over 10,000 jobs. work.

Only oil extraction and refineries will see their workers decrease by more than a million units. On the contrary, in the energy production sector, the losses of 400 thousand places (mainly in the exploitation of fossil fuels) would be largely offset by the reaction of 2.5 million new seats guaranteed by renewables.

Employment by sector (percentage difference) 

Occupazione per settore nel 2030

The circular economy , recycling activities, separate collection, repair and reuse services could also provide new impetus . Although judged to be more difficult to quantify, the growth of organic farming would also guarantee an important number of new jobs.

Prepare for the green transition

The path towards sustainable development will certainly not be “automatic” or painless. So much so that the UN “invites countries to take urgent action to train workers in the skills necessary for the transition to a greener economy and to ensure social protection that facilitates the transition to new jobs”. “Above all, low or middle income countries – the report reads – still need to adopt and finance strategies that guarantee a transition towards a sustainable and inclusive economy, both from an environmental and a social point of view”.

Sviluppo sostenibile

Ethics Sgr and sustainable development

Etica Sgr has always promoted the transition to a sustainable economy and it does so by engaging on various fronts. Such as?

  • It offers a simple and transparent range of funds , compliant with the European Code for the Transparency of Sustainable and Responsible Investments of Eurosif and certified for the system for the Quality Management System of the analysis and research process.
  • It carries out engagement activities, through which Etica Sgr dialogues with companies to encourage top management to undertake increasingly responsible conduct.
  • Form and infoma with EticAcademy , the online training academy of Etica Sgr, a reference point for the banks and placement agents of the funds of Etica Sgr.

For us, financial education is one of the fundamental elements for the transition towards a model of sustainable development.