SRI Week, The Master Event on Responsible Finance Returns

SRI week, the master event on responsible finance returns

SRI week, soon we start again! The most important initiative in Italy on the theme of sustainable finance has reached its sixth edition. We are talking about the SRI Week (from English Sustainable and Responsible Investment which stands for sustainable and responsible investment). The event is promoted and coordinated by the Forum for Sustainable Finance (FFS) , the multi-stakeholder organization that promotes the integration of environmental, social and governance criteria into investment policies and processes. The organization also collaborates with the Members or other subjects who share the Forum’s mission. Sustainable Finance Forum

The event will take place from 8 to 17 November . It will be a succession of meetings and conferences, all with free admission, which will take place between Milan and Rome . High-profile national and international speakers will present important studies and research focused on sustainable finance.

The themes of the SRI Week

The opening day will take place in Rome at the Chamber of Deputies with the presentation of research on responsible retail investors in Italy. The focus will be on socio-environmental aspects in investment choices.

The main themes of the SRI week events will be the impact investing , the role of sustainable finance in local development , the risks and returns of sustainable investments and the evolution of diversity & inclusion in the Italian scenario.

Within the SRI Week is the SRI Show , the first Italian trade fair dedicated to sustainable finance products open to investors and consultants. The event will take place on November 14th in Milan within the elegant setting of the Stelline Congress Center.

The edition will close again in Rome at the COVIP headquarters with an event dedicated to the social security sector. On this occasion a survey will be presented on the sustainable investment policies of the main Italian social security plans .

Ethics Sgr at the SRI Week

Also this year Etica Sgr will be present at the Salone SRI on November 14th with its own stand and will preside over the event which will be held on November 15th at BASE Milano. On this occasion the Impact Investing manual will be presented, created by the Forum for Sustainable Finance in collaboration with the Social Impact Agenda for Italy. The publication is the result of a working group of which Etica Sgr is part, alongside financial operators and third sector organizations.

As a responsible investor, we strongly believe that finance should contribute to generating a positive social and environmental impact. Microfinance and crowdfunding (literally bottom-up funding) are important examples of financing the real economy to generate positive impact in society.

Indeed, the impact investing strategy is experiencing significant growth in Italy and Europe. This was also confirmed by the data from the last Eurosif study ” European SRI Study 2016 “.

Finance, but not only

In recent years we have seen important progress in sustainable finance in Europe and in Italy: in fact, the masses managed according to the ESG criteria are growing and the importance given by the various financial subjects to the issues of sustainability is growing. Moreover, this evolution is reflected in the associative base of the Forum, ever more numerous, motivated and proactive.

Bicciato, Secretary General of the Forum underlined .

There will also be a specific focus on Europe with the presentation of the High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance . This is a study carried out by the European Commission with the aim of developing a common strategy on the development of sustainable finance. The conference is the Italian stage of the Roadshow that Eurosif – the association that promotes sustainable finance in Europe, which the Forum is part of – is organizing in the main European financial centers.

Sustainability is not only finance, but also culture, then theater, music, interactivity and workshops for children. After the SRI week, on Sunday 19 November at Palazzo Mezzanotte, interesting cultural events will take place to bring the general public closer to the young and to sustainability. Go to the complete program .