Savings , a useful tool for the social and civil development of the country . This is the thought of 80% of Italians who, despite the context of uncertainty, continue to save money to be able to look to the future with tranquility and wisdom .

These are some of the considerations that emerge from the survey on Italians and the savings of Acri-Ipsos presented on the occasion of the 94th World Savings Day . Specific theme of this Day, which falls every year on October 31, is the ” Ethics of saving and development “.

Data from the survey on Italians and Savings

The results of the survey confirm that the tension to save, or the desire to save , is very strong and concerns 86% of Italians. 39% of households say they have actually managed to save money (+ 2% compared to 2017) and, as reported by Istat, there is also an increase in household gross savings (+ 18% compared to the same period of 2017). When Italians think of savings, the references are above all positive (82%), linked to the idea of tranquility (39%), protection (21%) or wisdom (19%). Saving for Italians is an attitude of life linked to daily life , which translates into a continuous attention that starts from small things and reaches the biggest, rather than a constant renunciation or a run-up to the discount.

A saving that consciously looks to the future

Increasing the share of Italians who attribute to savings a value that goes beyond the private sphere and are increasingly those who, when they save, perceive to do – in addition to their own interests – also those of the country: they were a quarter in 2017 (24% ), about a third now (32%). And that’s not all. For 51% of Italians, a fundamental aspect of saving is linked to the education of young generations to a conscious and balanced life , to get them used to planning and thinking about the nearest future or after retirement. The savings, in fact, is also very linked to the idea of ​​the future and the thought of what will happen: Italians save above all to protect themselves from future risks and to be ready for tomorrow, good or bad.

The role of companies for a more sustainable development model

The survey also deepens the world of companies as protagonists of the production world and possibly the object of investing savers. According to 79% of Italians, these must be attentive to the consequences of their activity on the environment and on the social fabric , urging a sustainable and responsible attitude . 68% of the world’s population believes that the companies that will be successful are those that will not only provide good products or services, but that will make a positive contribution to society . The survey shows that companies, to be considered sustainable, should combat all new forms of slavery , especially juveniles (80%), refuse any attempt at corruption (77%) and avoid running any risk to the consumer (75% ).

Invest today for a more sustainable future

Sustainability and responsibility are the key words that inspire the range of Etica Sgr mutual funds . A range of products that offers investors the opportunity to invest in the most virtuous countries from a social and environmental point of view and in companies that pay more attention to sustainability and collective well-being . In addition, with a view to stimulating companies to adopt increasingly sustainable and responsible behavior, Etica Sgr constantly talks with the top management of companies in which they invest their funds and intervenes in the shareholders’ meetings with a particular focus on the issues related to the Sustainable Development of the United Nations.