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Good Finance – Personal Payday Loan

Types of Good Finance Loans

There are different types of  loan:

  • automatic loan;
  • payroll loan;
  • credit salary;
  • credit benefit;
  • loan with vehicle warranty;
  • loan with property guarantee;
  • anticipation of the 13th salary;
  • anticipation of income tax;
  • anticipation of the FGTS;
  • overdraft;
  • loan renewal.

Then know each one better.

Automatic Fast Personal Payday Loan

Automatic Fast Personal Payday Loan

The Good Finance loan is a fast Personal Payday loan with automatic direct debit to the checking account. To apply for the Personal Payday BB loan it is necessary to have active checking account and the payment of the loan can be made in up to 60 monthly fixed installments.

The amount of Personal Payday and automatic loan   BB is deposited into your checking account and can be used for any purpose. The credit limit can be seen in the extract from your BB account and you can choose the best date for the payment of the installments of your loan .

And here are some guidelines:

  • If you do not have credit available in your BB checking account, look for your agency and request an analysis;
  • Hiring: on the internet, in the ATM, in the mobile application or BB agency;
  • The loan of Good Finance is subject to cadastral approval, changes without prior notice and other conditions of the product;
  • To contract the automatic loan BB is necessary to have the agreement of adhesion to the general clauses of the signed CDC.

Who is entitled to a loan registered with Good Finance

Who is entitled to a loan registered with Good Finance

To request the BB’s slogan loan customers must have active partnership with the Bank of Brazil for the discount benefits in payroll, have BB credit limit and also:

  • Possible margins available to the employer: You can check your available margin on the paycheck or directly at the company, and on the Bank’s website you can check your pre-approved limit. Anyone who is not a BB client can attend an agency to check the conditions of hiring.
  • Have the agreement of adhesion to the general clauses of the CDC signed.

BB Salary Credit

BB Salary Credit

BB Salary Credit is a loan from Good Finance for those who receive salary in an active checking account at BB. After having your application for BB Salary Credit approved, the money is deposited on time. The BB loan installments can be divided into up to 96 months (monthly fixed installments) and the first installment can be paid in up to 180 days. Here’s more information:

  • The benefits of the BB Salary Credit are deducted directly from your checking account on the day you pay your salary;
  • There may be a grace period of up to 179 days, depending on the agreement;
  • The BB Salary Credit limit is pre-approved and may reach R $ 300,000;
  • You can renew your salary credit to get more credit and extend the repayment term of the loan if there is a margin.