Do You Pay Back in Time? Earn Great Interest Next Time

All you have to do is repay your loans in Humbert Humbert on time and we will send you as much as you would a loan with a maximum interest of 9.9% after every three installments duly paid. Interest may be lower, but we guarantee that it will never be higher if properly repaid.


Reward for all honest clients

Reward for all honest clients

Anyone who pays and meets the conditions is eligible for the bonus. These bonus terms are part of the contract. You can also read them on our website.

The right to repayment of part of the interest for due repayment does not arise:

  • If you are less than 14 days late in payment, your claim will expire in the current evaluation period. However, you are not losing the opportunity to re-earn the bonus in the following period.
  • If you are overdue by more than 14 days, your claim to the bonus expires completely.


The stories of Peter, Rose and John show how it works


Petr took out a loan in October, paid the first installment in November and another in December and January. Therefore, we will pay him a bonus in February.

Rose took the loan on the same day as Petr and also paid the first two installments on time. With the third payment, however, was delayed by a week and so lost the February bonus. In February, March and April she paid all the installments on time and in May is again entitled to a bonus.

John also took out the loan, but with the first installment he was more than 14 days late. He thus lost his claim to the bonus completely.


How will we refund your money?

refund your money?

After the due and timely payment of three consecutive installments, we will send you a letter informing you of the necessary information about your bonus. We will then credit your money to our company card. With this you can pay your purchases or transfer money for free to your current account. Bonuses are paid no later than the end of the month following the eligibility.

Make sure that honest repayment pays off, get a maximum of 9.9% interest and finally buy a new couch or even a car.